30 5 / 2012

I know Snow White & The Huntsman is yet to be released in US, but it already did in Korea. Why did Universal chose to release it early in Korea? Why on wednesday? Beats me.

As it was one of my most anticipated films of the year, I headed to the theater on the opening day. Yes! I saw it before most of people in the states!

Let me try to briefly comment on it, in a sentence : 

"Very stylish and visually pleasing, but it ain’t The Lord of The Rings.”

bit of spoilers ahead

I loved the style of the film. Yes it does have that LoTR feel to it. And the CGs are stunning. Those ravens, those butterflies, those elves, that troll, and oh my, that White Deer.

It is interesting that Universal hired first-timer Rupert Sanders to helm the project that will easily cost over $100 million. But hey, Rupert has directed some brilliant commercials, and his stylized brilliance carries on to his debut feature film.
Visual : satisfactory. 

Despite its impressive visual effects, I thought the overall film wasn’t intense enough.
The battles weren’t as grasping as I wished them to be, and the evil queen dies wayyyyy to easily.

Surprisingly, there were not much of Huntsman in SW&tH. It feels like there were not so much about Snow White, either. Odd. To me, it felt like a movie for Charlize Theron, the gorgeous queen. We know more about Ravenna (the queen) than any other characters in the film. And she is more fascinating than Snow White and the Huntsman combined. But then, we know that she is not the main character, cuz if she was, Rupert Sanders wouldn’t have killed her in the least dramatic way possible.

very Personally, although Kristen Stewartis fair, she is no match for Charlize Theron.

Another interesting thing about its release in Korea is its title.
Whoever the distributor is, they chose to go with the title “Snow White and the Huntsman.” What’s so interesting about it? you might ask. It is interesting because they stuck with the english word, when there is a Korean word for both “Snow White” AND “the Huntsman.” What’s the big deal?

Well, not that many people in Korea knows who “Snow White” is, because she goes by different name here! (백설공주, or Baeksulgongju, meaning white snow princess.) Maybe they didn’t use the Korean name for the princess to avoid confusion with Mirror Mirror, which released before SW&tHwith the title, Baeksulgongju.

Maybe it is their intention to hide its fairytale backgrounds; the word Baeksulgongju is never used in its marketing. Not even in the subtitles in the film. As a result, people are going to the theaters not knowing that the movie is about ”snow white.” I wouldn’t be surprised if someone walks out the theater actually thinking "wait… this movie totally plagiarized that fairytale with a girl and an apple…"

"Why don’t you just name this film after me?" says Ravenna the fabulous.

Was I expecting too much? It was a good movie, but it won’t be the fairest movie of the year.