23 5 / 2012

I’m not that good of a video-gamer. That’s a fact. So I don’t try.
But there have been couple video games in the past that I was intrigued. I watch them on youtube, but then, again, I never tried.

One of these ‘oh that looks great but I’m not gonna play” games is Shadow of The Colossus

The plot? fairly simple.
Young man named Wander (hence the Korean title “Wander and the Colossus”) must slay sixteen enormous creatures in order to restore a girl called Mono to life.

There has been a report that 26 year old director Josh Trank (“Chronicle”), who is a fan of the video game himself, took the project of this video game adaptation.

Wait a minute, Josh. 
Aren’t you busy developing Sony’s “Venom” and Fox's “Fantastic Four" ? 

Anyways, I most welcome it. Just go do some image search on this video game. It’s astonishing. And there are, not one, but SIXTEEN breathtaking creatures in this game.
Most likely, there won’t be all 16 of them in the film (unless SONY decides to make it into a franchise), but I’d still love to see even one of these creatures come alive on the screen.

None of the details are clarified yet. And there is no writer on board at this moment.
But I really do wish to see this project happen!