24 5 / 2012

There has been 2 movies this year so far that, even before watching the trailer, made me frown and say "Um… I don’t think so."

One being John Carter, starring Taylor Kitsch,
Budget: $250 million
Gross : $179 million (Worldwide)

And the other being Battleship, starring (among others,) Taylor Kitsch.
Budget: $209 million
Opening Weekend: $25 million

I didn’t watch John Carter.
I didn’t watch Battleship either.
SURPRISE!. I’m not planning on it.

Hmm… I’ve met very few people who enjoyed both films, but let’s be honest: John Carter was a failure, and Battleship is most likely a failure-gonna-be.

Taylor says.

I must say, I feel really bad for Taylor.
To star in two (probably) biggest failure of the year. That’s unfortunate.
Or does it mean he just sucks at picking projects?
Well, Taylor. I actually am looking forward to your next film, SAVAGES (almost entirely because of Benicio Del Toro, John Travolta, and Blake Lively... but whatever).
Hope that one doesn’t lose as much.