26 5 / 2012

How To Train Your Dragon was on TV today. 

Budget: $165 million
Gross: $217 million
DreamWorks Animation

I love dragons. I LOVE seeing them on screen.
I even loved Saphira, despite the awfulness of the movie itself.

"You are beautiful, Saphira… but, sorry, the movie blows"

How to… was a descent movie, and that automatically puts it above Eragon.
It had a cohesive story line, and was entertaining. And again, I love dragons.

Then, something struck me.
What if this movie was made as a live action movie?

We’ve seen impressive computer graphic dragons in the past.
I especially love the ones in Harry Potter series 

Oh my… 
seeing creatures like this on screen makes my heart skip a beat.

And hey, if you think about it, How to… is filled with this magnificent creatures.
And those vikings can be easily played with Gimli-alikes or Hagrid-alikes… no?

Although I’d kill to see this many dragons in live action film, it will surely have its downside.
Most importantly, it will appeal less to the intended demographic of the storyline. Clearly, the story was written to be a family movie. And uh… hmmm…
this probably won’t do… although I would watch it again and again
So DreamWorks (probably would be some other company when it in’t an animation) will have to change the storyline in order to target slightly older demographics - which means it won’t be How to Train Your Dragon anymore…

To conclude this rambling…to portray dragons in a cute, less intimidating, friendly, way, perhaps animation is the best way to go.
And hey, it wasn’t bad. I enjoyed it waaay more than Eragon 

To my fellow dragon-lovers who’d like to feast your eyes with horde of breathtaking dragons on the screen: hold on little longer. I’ll bring it to you someday.